Magic show in a smaller circle - great atmosphere

Let André perform at ground level and you can still enjoy his stand-up magic art. Stand-up magic is when the magician presents his performance while standing right in front of the audience. In doing so, André is able to perform a large part of his stage program mixed with his amazing table magic tricks. This type of magic can be shown in a variety of settings, ranging from evening and day events to trade fair events.

"He managed to entertain a demanding audience in a stylistically confident manner. " T. Kalhöfer, Essner Chancen, Golfclub Oefte

André's stand-up magic show is an absolute eyecatcher. If requested, you can order everything that required for his performance.
André has the full equipment - from the background curtain to an appropriate and classy table and even audio equipment.
Don’t forget, his stand-up magic show also serves as an excellent closing act to his table magic presentation. Whether it’s performed as a highlight in a compact style (approx. 10 - 15 min.) or at full length (approx. 30 - 40 min.), either way it provides for a perfect finish.

The stand-up show is a show intended for up to 80 guests. What do you need for such a show? Not much! If the group is small (up to 45 - 50 guests), you only need a place where André can be seen and heard by the whole group - depending on the conditions of your event location.
If the room and/or the group is larger, André will need some basic acoustic support. In this case, he is happy to bring his own audio equipment.

  • Up to 80 guests
  • 30-60 minutes long
  • Short number 10-20 minutes
  • No stage necessary
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