Trade Fair Magic

André Desery ensures that your trade fair booth will be heavily visited.

He will attract small and larger groups of visitors with his fixed stand animation and mesmerize them by properly positioning himself to lure in passing visitors. Infotainment will be translated into the language of magic, which will impressively highlight your products and services. Your trade fair stand will stand out from the crowd and automatically put your stand ahead of your neighbors’.

  • More visitors
  • More customers
  • More image
  • Individual shows
  • 10 years of trade fair experience
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Trade Fair Magician

Messezauberei IBM

What is required? All you need is a small open area at your stand and some basic technical equipment such as audio support. If your trade fair stand comes with a stage you can, of course, also make use of a stage show as an alternative option to the fixed stand animation. Furthermore, it is also possible to organize a close-up magic show for your stand. Visitors will be entranced by André’s magic and their focus will be directed right to your product (e.g. a car, trailer, boat etc.). All of your product’s important features will be pointed out and highlighted.

"Very good preparation and presentation. He flexibly adapted himself on the spot to the customer’s needs. Perfect combination of information transfer and cheerful entertainment (Infotainment)."
Thomas Mett-Winter - Deutsche Telekom Technischer Service GmbH

Exclusive - VIP Trade Show

Exclusive VIP Entertainment: Surprise an exclusive group of customers with André’s individual close up magic in a VIP area! Here, the exclusive focus will be on the art of magic. In this limited setting only your customers will be able to witness firsthand André’s enchanting tricks. He can either take part in your customer meeting, introducing his tricks into your presentation at just the right time, or provide a congenial atmosphere before or after your customer meeting.

Messeshow Nokia
Messe Panorama-View
Messezauberer Stau-am-Stand

I will gladly make you an offer,
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Customer feedbacks

Numerous close-up-magic performances, first-class references, satisfied customers and real customer voices speak for André Desery, click references or take a look at Andres rate5- profile under rate5 magician Andre Desery .

The Magic Shows

Logo Stage Show

Stage Show

(100 - 3.500 guests)

Logo Stand Up Show


(Up to 80 guests without a stage)

Logo Close Up


(Moving magic close up)

Logo close up show


(An exclusive show)

Trade Fair Magic Show

Trade Fair Magic Show


Logo Business Magic

Business Magic

(Individual concepts)

Logo Magic Dinner

Magic Dinner

(A magic menu)

I will gladly make you an offer,
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